Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hi!  Welcome to my little blog!  If you are like me you are OBSESSED with Pinterest.  I mean c'mon could it be any more awesome to click on your little Pinterest app and see all of these amazing DIY ideas, amazing recipes and great outfits??  No, I don't think so either!

Whenever I have a spare moment I am searching Pinterest for dinner recipes, teacher gift ideas and any of the other millions of ideas I have - and Pinterest never disappoints.  

One thing about me is that I love to review stuff.  I've been doing it for years on Trip Advisor (we love to travel) so I thought why not start my own blog and review all of the things I make (or attempt to make) from Pinterest and share my results with the world.  One thing I can assure you is that I will be honest in my reviews and post REAL pictures of my crafts and recipes.  If a recipe or craft does not work I'll be sure to tell you why, and what I think could be changed to make it better!  

Oh yeah, I'm also a professional cake artist and ametuer photographer so you may see some posts about those two loves of mine along the way too, along with some commentary from my cutie pie 7 year old boy, Brandon.

While you are here look around, tell me what you think and absolutely let me know if there are any Pinterest recipes or crafts you would like to see me make and review.  I'd love to do that for you!

I'll leave you with a few pics of me and my darling family so that you can get to know us better and see the faces behind the names!

The picture on the left is me with my wedding cake the night before my wedding.  The picture on the right is me on the day of my wedding, in my veil and all putting the finishing touches on the cake.

Here is my sweet, funny son Brandon!

And here is me and my hubby, Dan, in Paris!

Until next time,

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